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Have you been called to achieve something more?  Everyone’s life journey offers numerous calls to adventures because we are all engaged in a personal Hero’s Quest. The purpose of the quest is to present calls that we term as challenges and tests, and which have the potential to uncover our true divine nature and the hero within.  With the help of a qualified mentor, and the right tools, these journeys are literally transformational!

As a trained Life Coach and SimplyHealed Practitioner, it has been my privilege to facilitate true transformation with ease and grace for family, friends, and clients!  I help release negative emotions and energy that have blocked inspiration and caused fear on the journeys.  I’ve shared numerous tools that transform hearts, minds, and thoughts and support personal power and clarity.

Intuitive Journaling For Clarity On The Journey


If you’d like to begin your journey with me today, take advantage of this free introduction to one of my most powerful tools, The Journeying Journal!  Take control of each day with ease by setting your intention, recording your must-dos, reflecting on your progress, and offering gratitude.

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Embrace You Journey

Embrace Your Journey – It’s High Adventure!

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Hi, I'm Candice!

Hi, I'm Candice!

My life focus is to change lives by helping women deal with disappointment, depression, and feelings of inadequacy.  As a practitioner of the SimplyHealed Energy method, coupled with years of life experience, I guide women as they learn to confront negative emotions that have distressed them, often for many years.  Clients who have struggled to find relief with talk therapy or self-help books are finding remarkable success as I work with them.  My practice is effective in helping release troublesome thoughts and emotions, and replacing unprofitable patterns of behavior.  Emotion Transformation Coaching provides a roadmap to women as they learn to embrace the transformational journey that is their life.


Can I just say thank you for guiding me on this journey.  I have experienced so much healing and it has really given me a lot of hope for how I can make my life the way I want it.  Or a better way to say it would be, “I can handle all of life’s ups and downs the way I want.”

Marcia - Utah

Introductory Laser Energy Session

You can experience SimplyHealed for yourself the first time in a 30-minute laser session.  See what it’s like to work with me!

SimplyHealed Method®

What is the SimplyHealed Method® Energy Work?

Embrace Your Journey

This is a half-day workshop (9:00a.m.-1:00 p.m.) with compelling content for creating your Ideal Journey.

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